J. Michael Hook / Design was created in 1980. In the preceding six years, Michael was employed for three years at Doyle, Dane, Bernbach, one of the top four advertising agencies in the world at the time.  The following years were spent with three of the top Los Angeles based advertising agencies as an Art Director and Designer.  In all cases, Michael worked on many national and international projects for various clients.

In 1986, HookDesign became incorporated, & services a diverse clientele, while embracing all forms of visual communications from the West Coast and beyond.  In 2004 we moved to Boston, discovering the seasons, East Coast life, while continuing design and new adventures.

HookDesign has been published in Exhibitor Magazine, Architectural Lighting Magazine, and in the High Tech Logo Marks book.  With over 25 years of specialized knowledge and experience managing the business of creating graphic design, advertising, collateral, environmental design and fabrication. These multiple disciplines, backed by years of experience, are not found combined in practice through one.   Working with HookDesign provides a direct benefit by eliminating interaction with multiple sub-contractors, and additional coordination efforts.

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