It is still a fact that you can only create one first impression.

Over the many years, the need for image and branding hasn't changed.  Impression is  still king.  Images are often used as graphics and interactive communications simultaneously.  Following is a mix of these for many applications and various uses internationally and within the US.    The majority of fonts/characters shown here were either created from scratch, by hand, or altered by hand.   Oh the stories behind the graphics!  Ever seen a mark that visually actually spells something without one word?  Holy Angels!  Yes, this mark was created for the first Deaf Catholic Church in Los Angeles.  Even without the name the sign language symbols

for the name were incorporated.   Heartfelt Deaf visitors and parishioners were warmed by the instant visual connection.

Connecting to the history of a nation icons were created to identify three main brands of Japanese seafood and were an instant hit.  One company brand was the first to be made in 3 dimension out of polished stainless steel and mounted to the building in massive size.   Some of these marks have actually reverted ownership due to companies being bought out or consolidated under a new name, or other circumstances.  These are available for purchase from HookDesign.  If you are interested in a particular mark or icon please contact to check availability and for price of original art and/or further alteration for your specific use.