Most often what you want isn't on the shelf.  It must be conceived, designed, engineered, fabricated, produced and supplied.  That takes much more than a drawing passed off to someone.  Made by hand is also an option, even in quantities.  Sometimes you just need a different spin, more complex art , or action rarely done before to a common process.  This sets you apart, makes an impression.  It may also have multiple functions increasing it's value on various levels.  In any case, it's something not found elsewhere.  It's custom made for you, often by hand and totally unique.  Success was quickly overtaken by ahhah's and OMG's when at a stunning wedding each guest was given a hand made cake, in a hand made, refrigeratable

 box, decorated with the bride and groom's initials that could be seen through the lid.  A client of mine who supplied Titanium to the military and aircraft industry was blown away when I asked if he wanted a set of custom designed furniture made totally from his Titanium product.  "You can do that?"  4K per chair later, "Sure!"  Wildly expensive?  Consider, every trade show those chairs were brought to held people in amazement, lines formed to sit in them, introductions were made, services were presented and huge contracts were won.   Oh, and when there were no trade shows?  In the main lobby entrance and in the CEO's office went the chairs.  Continuing the impression and attention to detail the company portrayed.