Environmental signage is different almost every time.  There seems to always be issues that will make it unique.  An entire glass surface, a 60" round column the only place signage can go, outdoors in an extreem weather area, painted by hand on a vehicle, hand leafed in gold, made of materials that can only be manipulated by hand. Then there is lighting. From every point imaginable.  Or as simple as a vinyl graphic applied to a door.  It's very exciting and always a challenge. Again, first impressions, it has to be as perfect as possible.  

Exhibition and Event creation requires almost every design discipline. Architecture, structural, engineering, materials, lighting, sound, electrical, safety, fire regulations, on and on.  One must have knowledge via a vast amount of experience in utilizing hundreds of various product applications in multiple combinations. Not to mention environmentally sustainable and overall attention the behavioral context of the visitor. Phew! 

On top of all this the entire structure must be created to be assembled or disassembled in a knocked down form (KD) in a day maybe more depending on size, and in a protective shipping format easy to move, low in weight and accessible in storage.  Additionally countless considerations of ease of installation & dismantle, handling ability, mobility, size, parts access, instructions for a total stranger to assemble, what to do if something breaks, getting product, knowing what to do if the truck breaks down on the way when you have 10 people flying half way across the world staying in a hotel, with their ears stuck to cell phones walking the show floor in sheer panic!  Yikes!  But.....


We only focus only on the design.....  Really?       All these things are turnkey.  They must be considered by someone who sees the big picture, clearly delineating groups of professional individual communicative professionals - up front.

Success is not just how busy you were at the show, or how many brochures you gave out, or leads you collected.  It's about leaving a lasting impression of your product or service that will be actionable after the gummy bears with your name, pens with one drop of ink, and the heavy brochures get left in the hotel room because they are mostly useless.

Exhibition & events take pre-planning, a cohesive team, and an overall guide to pull it together.  Nothing is perfect, nothing goes 100% but experience to handle the guaranteed problems that will arise is what gets you through it.   These examples following pretty much covers all aforementioned in one way or another.  Each was successful in their own way, making a profound impression.  In one case when a large architectural piece covered in bright red fabric was erected during set-up before the install was complete, it caught the eye of a visitor. This person purchased a few thousand dollar software program on the spot from the client before the booth was even finished being set up.  In another case a 110' long exhibit introducing a new Japanese food product had as much press coverage as it did visitors and actual food buyers who in a custom made office portion of the exhibit, booked orders every day of the week long show.  Interested in more?  Give me a call, boy the stories I can tell you!